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Drug Rehab Anaheim Ca

Finding the most reliable drug rehab in Anaheim, CA, is paramount for combating advanced addictions and co-occurring disorders and achieving fast and reliable recovery. New Start Recovery ranks among the most advanced facilities for rehab in Anaheim, CA, with patient-oriented services, comprehensive rehabilitation, and premier long-term results.

What makes us the best drug and alcohol rehab in Anaheim, CA?

Multiple aspects recommend us among the most reliable rehabilitation facilities in the business. These include:

  • Customized detox and medical assistance – Many patients struggle with severe withdrawal and need extensive detox services to recover and heal properly. We perform patient-oriented detoxification at our drug and detox in Anaheim, California, using medication, therapy, and counseling for sustained recovery. Our professionals will assess your progress throughout the treatment, ready to intervene in case anything goes off charts. This will ensure your safety, comfort, and peace of mind, knowing you have nothing to fear during the detox phase.
  • Dual diagnosis assistance – Our facility offers the most comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment available in the industry. The program we’re using allows us to address an impressive range of co-occurring disorders, including anxiety, OCD, depression, co-dependency, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. To treat them effectively, we use multiple procedures like MAT, family therapy, individual and group therapy, long-term management support, etc.
  • Unique long-term guidance and assistance – We have a unique long-term assistance protocol in the form of WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and Matrix Model. Both these concepts deal with relapse prevention and sobriety over the years, teaching patients core concepts about personal growth, responsibility, management skills, and accountability.
  • Patient-oriented housing services – Everything we do at our rehabilitation facilities promotes our clients’ comfort, safety, and wellness during treatment. Our center offers unbeaten living conditions, chef-prepared meals, outdoor spaces for recreational group activities, cozy and luxurious bedrooms, and many high-end amenities.
  • Wide range of rehabilitation services – As the best rehab for addiction in Anaheim, we offer medical and psychiatric coverage for an impressive range of substances. These include heroin, cocaine, opioids, alcohol, meth, benzos, oxycontin, etc. This approach offers more people the opportunity to detox, recover, and heal from addiction under the same roof for sustained recovery and sobriety.

When can I begin the rehabilitation treatment?

If you show signs of withdrawal and abuse drugs or alcohol regularly, we recommend contacting our professionals as soon as possible. Substance addiction is a chronic and fast-progressive illness with severe long-term consequences. You want to detox and begin the rehabilitation process soon before the disorder takes on new forms and aggravates beyond the point of no return.

Our drug rehab in Anaheim, CA, offers custom detox and recovery services in a comfortable and serene setting, where you will focus on your recovery goals. Seek help now, and your life will change for good!

You can call New Start Recovery at (855) 737-7363, speak to our addiction specialist, and make an appointment today. Our professionals are ready to take you in for a clinical assessment, detox, and treatment planning asap.

Drug Rehab Anaheim Ca
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Drug Rehab Anaheim Ca
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