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Inpatient rehab centers

Inpatient rehab centers

Royal Life Centers is one of the preeminent inpatient rehab centers in Prescott, Arizona, with hundreds of positive reviews and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Set in a serene and breathtaking location, our facility offers a calming, modern, and comfortable space where guests can focus on healing and recovering from their dual diagnosis conditions.

How our inpatient rehab center can set you up for lasting recovery?

As the top search results for best addiction treatment near me, we use a highly effective addiction rehab process to tackle addictions and co-occurring disorders. Our addiction treatment program begins with medical detox, relying on a series of medications to flush out the toxins from your system coming with long-term alcohol or drug use. We then use evidence-based behavioral therapies, counseling, and tribal healing techniques to help you recover from substance abuse disorders.

Our serene ambiance, supportive staff, and scientific treatments equip patients with all the critical skills to lead a healthy, sober, and satisfying life after rehab. The unique treatment we're using equips patients with critical coping skills and relapse prevention education to manage triggers and cravings.

What to choose between inpatient and outpatient rehab?

Generally, you should choose a type of rehab treatment based on the severity of your addiction condition, the presence of co-occurring mental health issues, substance abused, duration of abuse, and affordability. As a rule of thumb, patients suffering from long term or severe addiction conditions should undergo inpatient rehab treatment.

On the other hand, individuals suffering from a mild or moderate drug or alcohol addiction can seek professional help through outpatient rehab. Speaking to a treatment specialist at one of the drug treatment centers can help you make an informed decision.

Three qualities to look for in a rehab facility

Here are the top three features to look for in an addiction treatment center:

  • Licensing and accreditation – With thousands of rehabs spread across the country, very few of them have proper licenses and accreditations from apex organizations. For instance, we are one of the few addiction rehab centers with accreditations by the Joint Commission, CARF, Wellbriety, LegitScript, NAATP, DBHR, and Arizona Department of Health Services.
  • Accommodation, food, and amenities – Be sure to join a treatment facility that offers the finest accommodation, sumptuous meals, and modern amenities to its residents/patients.
  • Staff, treatments, and therapies – Look at the staff credentials, experience, and staff's skill level before enrolling at a rehab center, as the treatment center's staff members have an integral role to play in your recovery journey. Furthermore, your goal should be to join a rehab that uses evidence-based treatments and therapies to address and treat addiction for fast and sustainable recovery.

Contact our treatment specialists at 877-732-6837. Royal Life Centers is a licensed and accredited inpatient rehab centers in Arizona with a proven track record and highly effective treatments and therapies. Our team has transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals battling addiction with our award-winning treatment approach and a dedicated staff team.

Inpatient rehab centers

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