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Scottsdale Rehab

Scottsdale Rehab

The first and most crucial steps in addiction treatment are admitting you have a problem and seeking help to treat the addiction. Like any other type of treatment, seeking addiction treatment can be intimidating because you do not what to expect and how the treatment will affect your life. The more you educate yourself about the best drug and alcohol rehabs in Scottsdale, AZ, the less overwhelming the journey to recovery will be. Here are a few things you may want to know about our addiction treatment in Scottsdale, AZ.

What Is Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is a structured program for helping people struggling with substance abuse. This type of treatment is usually provided in the top-rated rehab centers in Arizona, like the Royal Life Centers. Substance abuse is a complex issue, which may require various forms of treatment. The main aim of addiction rehab is to help individuals struggling with substance abuse to overcome their addictions and live happy, healthy lives.

Does Rehab Cure Addiction?

Like other health conditions, addiction does not have an outright cure. However, it is a manageable condition.

What Happens in Addiction Rehab?

Our top drug and alcohol rehabs tailor treatment programs to accommodate patients’ unique needs. It combines various forms of therapies, including detox, individual therapy, family counseling, relapse avoidance, and aftercare planning. These therapies help to rid the body of the chemicals that cause addictive, educate the patient to identify triggers that may cause substance abuse, and how to avoid a relapse.

What Is Detox?

The purpose of detox is to enable the body to expel addictive chemicals in the system. While the detox experience varies among patients depending on the substance abused and frequency of use, detox may cause withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable and dangerous in some cases. We provide the best addiction treatment services in Scottsdale, Arizona, to minimize discomfort and the risks of withdrawal.

How much does addiction treatment cost?

The cost of treating addiction varies depending on insurance coverage and the care level the patient needs. The Royal Life Centers accepts insurance as well as private pay. In addition, we strive to ensure our patients achieve the maximum benefits associated with their coverage.

How Long Does it take to Finish Rehab?

There is no standard addiction treatment duration. Our treatment programs may last between one or two weeks to a few months. Some patients may require longer treatment programs to ensure steady recovery and sustained sobriety. Our addiction specialists consider several factors to determine the top addiction programs in Phoenix, Arizona

 for patients. Some of the considerations include the history of substance abuse, previous treatment, health condition, and the patient's physical, emotional, or spiritual needs.

What Is Therapy?

Substance abuse therapy refers to all the treatments provided after detox. It involves individual and group therapy, as well as family counseling. Individual therapy helps patients address the underlying causes of addiction, identify triggers, and gain relapse prevention skills.

What Is Aftercare Planning?

Once patients finish their therapy programs and other relevant therapies, our staff will start working with them to establish a suitable aftercare plan. The plan is designed to enable patients to maintain sobriety after discharge. Aftercare planning may include ongoing therapy and support groups.

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