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Empower Yourself with Weight Loss Surgery

When a person struggles with severe obesity, they are not struggling with an extra five or ten pounds, but an excess of weight that can lead to a shortened life and comorbid diseases. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. founded Dr. Feiz & Associates to help people struggling with severe obesity lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss surgery has proven effective at reducing and sometimes even resolving comorbid diseases such as type 2 diabetes, as well, meaning patients who undergo bariatric procedures are more able to enjoy their lives. Dr. Feiz performs many types of bariatric procedures, from sleeve gastrectomy to Lap Band revision surgery, and his knowledge can help you, too.

By understanding the benefits of bariatric procedures, like gastric sleeve vs. Lap Band options, patients make better decisions for their long-term health and happiness. By ensuring his patients are well-versed on their weight loss surgery options, Dr. Feiz knows that he will then be able to work well with them before, during, and after the surgery, because his patients are just as invested as he is in their health. When patients are armed with knowledge, they feel empowered. They will then work hard to make sure they stay healthy through the whole process. And because they know they have the support of one of the most skilled weight loss surgical teams in the US, they will experience long-term weight loss success.

Whether you are curious about your weight loss surgery options, or are considering a gastric sleeve after Lap Band revision, Dr. Feiz & Associates have the expertise to help you. Contact them today.


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