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Empowering Yourself Through Weight Loss Surgery

Severe obesity can feel like a condition that’s difficult to improve. Many who suffer from severe obesity experience a sense of hopelessness and an inability to reach a healthy weight. Diet and exercise are rarely effective, and weight loss is critical for a severely obese individual because it’s the only way to avoid suffering from major life threatening issues like heart attack or stroke. Though the journey toward a healthy weight will always be challenging, at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we proudly offer a way out with effective weight loss surgery techniques that are proven to offer consistent success.

Most of our patients consider a lap band vs. sleeve procedures. Both have their strengths, and our highly experienced medical team will help you make the decision that’s best for you. For patients who have previously undergone surgery, we can also provide treatment with lap band revision surgery if they aren’t experiencing satisfactory results. The band to sleeve procedure is another effective option offered by Dr. Feiz.

One of the most empowering aspect of successful bariatric surgery is that patients are able to notice the results as they happen. Months after surgery the pounds will begin to fall off and patients are able to enjoy their progress. Recovery takes work and dedication, but the results will speak for themselves. As the patient reaches a healthy weight they’ll be able to enjoy physical improvements as well. The risks of major ailment and disease will listen drastically and other benefits, such as better sleep, less soreness and pain, and improved vitality will be apparently evident. It’s time for a better you.

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