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Enjoying the Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

The benefits of Weight Loss surgery for someone struggling with severe obesity are quite well known, but they can always stand to be repeated for anyone on the fence who may be considering the difference between a Lap Band vs. sleeve procedure. Our team at Dr. Feiz and Associates are committed to providing high quality procedures to improve the quality of life of anyone struggling with severe obesity, and we have the resources and skill to do it, however it’s also our goal to spread awareness and help educate both our patients as well as our potential patients.

Severe obesity has a negative impact on nearly every aspect of the body. It places a huge dent on the cardio vascular system, strains the heart and the chances of heart attack, dramatically increases the odds of stroke, and even increases the odds of cancer. These reasons alone are enough of a reason to pursue weight loss surgery, however the day to day improvements that a severely obese person will experience are also worth mentioning. Improved sleep, confidence, better digestion, easier breathing and movement, and higher cognitive function are all benefits of weight loss from a severely obese state. Here, at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we can help provide them to you.

Even if you’re a patient who has previously undergone weight loss operations and receiving disappointing results, our team is here to set it right. Our revision surgeries such as our band to sleeve operation can help get you back on track. Our Lap Band revision surgery is also highly effective. At Dr. Feiz and Associates, you’ll always be able to find exactly what you need to build a new you.