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Every Day Spent Not Managing Severe Obesity is a Major Risk

For many, living with severe obesity may seem like an aspect of their life that’s out of their control because they feel powerless to change it. Diet and exercise are often not enough to achieve a healthy weight, as a large number of people who are severely obese who attempt to do so in that way are unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the health risks associated with severe obesity are far too great to warrant allowing oneself to give up on weight loss. At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we’re committed to providing an option for helping people take steps toward improving their health to protect their futures.

Every single day spent living with severe obesity is a day spent rolling the dice on life threatening conditions like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Because the risks of succumbing to these conditions are much higher for the severely obese, doctors agree that weight loss surgery is an effective way to progress toward a healthy weight and improve one’s health. Dr. Feiz, through years of experience and dedication at the top of his field, provides excellent care, and world class treatment to help patients get the results that they need.

Patients who may feel discouraged by disappointing results from previous weight loss surgeries can still find hope at Dr. Feiz and Associates. Our band to sleeve procedure converts Lap Band operations into a sleeve gastrectomy which can restart the patient on their journey toward effective weight loss. Also, with Lap Band revision surgery, Dr. Feiz is able to make any necessary adjustments to improve upon a patient’s progress. The risks of living with severe obesity are simply too great. Whether you’d like to acquire more information to find out the difference between a lap band vs. sleeve procedure, or if you wish to seek Dr. Feiz’s excellent care on an initial procedure, we’re ready to assist you.