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Expert Gastric Sleeve After Lap Band

One in 20 American adults has a body mass index of 40 or more. This means that these people are more likely to suffer a reduced quality of life, along with comorbid diseases like diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, sleep apnea, depression, reproductive issues, and even some forms of cancer. If you are one of these many American adults who struggles with severe obesity, Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., is here to help you. He founded a practice called Dr. Feiz & Associates to make sure that patients just like you had access to the best possible care. Dr. Feiz himself is a leading weight loss surgeon, specializing in procedures like Lap Band revision surgery and he works with a truly outstanding medical team. Together, they provide the best care for you, before, during, and after your bariatric procedure.

If you are one of the unfortunate individuals who has not experienced the benefits of your Lap Band, you can also seek help with Dr. Feiz. During your appointment, he will determine if you qualify for a gastric sleeve after Lap Band removal. If you do qualify for this procedure, then your band will be removed, and Dr. Feiz will perform a sleeve gastrectomy. This procedure removes up to 75 percent of your stomach, creating a permanently smaller organ. You will continue to eat less, feel more satisfied after smaller meals, and lose weight.

Dr. Feiz knows that it is important that you are informed about your surgery, so he and his team are glad to answer questions like the benefits of gastric sleeve vs. Lap Band. Contact Dr. Feiz & Associates today to set up your appointment. 

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