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Facing the Future with Bariatric Surgery

For people suffering with severe obesity, the future can seem like a very dark place indeed. Fortunately, the many health, social, and psychological consequences often associated with obesity can now often be dealt with very effectively with the help of a leading board certified bariatric surgeon like Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S.

One of the nation’s best regarded surgeons and an expert on minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, Dr. Feiz has performed all of the most effective weight loss procedures on countless patients. From lap band and sleeve gastrectomies, to the older and more radical gastric bypass, Dr. Feiz is one of the nation’s leading experts on the surgical approach to weight loss – an approach that has proven far more effective for long term weight loss than any other technique.

Dr. Feiz realizes that any patient considering a bariatric operation has much on their mind. Most of his patients have to consider the relative pros and cons of lap band vs gastric sleeve procedures. He is happy to explain how lap bands, which tie off a portion of the stomach, can be very effective for many patients while also being adjustable and reversible. At the same time, the gastric sleeve procedure, which removes a very large portion of the stomach, has proven extremely effective for very many patients. When needed, Dr. Feiz has also helped patients whose initial operation did not produce the desired outcome and has been very successful in operations to convert band to sleeve.

Whatever choice a patient makes with the help of Dr. Feiz, the fact of the matter is that obesity no longer is a life sentence for patients who have been unable to achieve lasting weight loss results through exercise and a reduced calorie diet. Dr. Feiz is here to educate people with serious weight losses how bariatric surgery really can transform a patient’s future.

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