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Family Sleeves Together with Dr. Feiz on the Doctors TV Show

Family Sleeves Together with Dr. Feiz on the Doctors TV Show

In February of 2014, Dr. Michael Feiz was a guest on the hit daytime television show, the Doctors. On the show, he performed a sleeve gastrectomy on a family of a mother and her two daughters on the same day. The mother had an ineffective lap band, so she opted for a band to sleeve revision, while both daughters received a gastric sleeve with no prior surgery. As is typical of bariatric surgery with Dr. Feiz, all three procedures went off without a hitch.

Then, the family stepped out on the show five months after the surgery to an applauding crowd. Dr. Feiz then explained what made the family qualified for the gastric sleeve and the sleeve gastrectomy after lap band procedures. “One of the more important [reasons] is the medical problems they had. Sleep apnea can kill. High blood pressure. Obesity is actually one of the most common leading causes of death.” The family then got to speak, saying that they felt amazing and that they were so grateful for Dr. Feiz’ help. When asked if it was worth it, one of the women said “definitely!”

If you’re interested in seeing the videos for yourself, you can easily find them on Dr. Feiz’ site. Click on Surgical Videos on the left side of the page and it will take you to a whole page of bariatric surgery-related videos from Dr. Feiz, including ones from his appearance on the Doctors. It’s a great way for people to learn more about weight loss surgery in an entertainingly educational way, including on deciding between lap band vs. gastric sleeve.

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