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Fight the Health Risks Associated with Obesity

The longer you put off losing weight, the higher the risks are of irreversible health issues causing havoc on your life. Depression is often linked to obesity, which can keep you from taking up opportunities in your life. High cholesterol, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, joint pain, and many more health issues can endanger your life. That’s why it’s so important to dedicate yourself to losing weight as soon as possible. However, diet and exercise don’t always work for every type of person, especially if they’re already suffering from obesity. At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we use incredible weight loss surgery techniques to save the lives of people who have been struggling with their weight for too long.

Surgeries like lap band, gastric sleeve, and lap band revision surgery can save your life because they induce faster weight loss than can usually be accomplished with diet and exercise alone. These procedures reduce the stomach size with varying techniques in order to force you to eat less. The lap band is less invasive with a faster recovery time. However, people sometimes opt to get band to sleeve surgery because they’re unhappy with the weight loss results. Gastric sleeve is more drastic because it involves removing around 75% of the stomach, but shows incredible results.

Wherever you fall in the lap band vs. sleeve debate, it’s important to consult a qualified surgeon at Dr. Feiz and Associates to help make the right choice for your life. Contact us today to get started with a free seminar.

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