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Fighting Fear as well as Fat

When considering a major step in life, such as the decision to obtain weight loss surgery, it’s all too easy to be overwhelmed by fear. Renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz would like to let prospective weight loss patients know that high quality weight loss medicine has never been safer or more reliable. Indeed, the decision for very many severely obese patients, especially those with associated health issues, is not so much whether or not a weight loss surgery is a good idea for them, but the question of which procedure to obtain, i.e., lap band vs. sleeve gastrectomy.

Long renowned as one of the nation’s finest bariatric specialists, Dr. Feiz is known as a leader in the use of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. This technique uses tiny cameras to allow surgeons to perform operations of great delicacy and with significantly reduced recovery times. Dr. Feiz is a master not only at performing first time lap bands and sleeve gastrectomy procedures, but also of the very delicate but highly effective band to sleeve procedure.

Whether one needs a lap band revision surgery to correct a procedure performed elsewhere that may have been problematic or simply didn’t produce the desired results, Dr. Feiz is here to tell you that the kind of risks which are associated with any surgery are vastly outweighed by the danger to a person’s health and happiness that is posed by obesity.

With more options available than ever, from the reversible and adjustable lap band to the extremely effective gastric sleeve procedure, severely obese people from all walks of life are transforming their lives with the help of Dr. Feiz. Weight loss surgery is no magic bullet, but it significantly reduces the persistent pangs of appetite which make losing weight permanently all but impossible for most of us. If weight loss surgery appears to be a viable solution for you, then fear itself may, indeed, be the only thing you have to fear.

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