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Finding the Right Bariatric Surgeon

The decision to pursue a surgical solution to serious obesity is never simple. There are many factors to be considered but one aspect of the decision is very clear: it’s important to find the finest available bariatric surgeon. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is widely acknowledged as a true leader in weight loss surgery.

Dr. Feiz’s record of success goes well beyond the often highly dramatic sleeve surgery before and after photos of patients who have enjoyed outstanding outcomes and lost impressive amounts of weight while maintaining their overall health and happiness. The outstanding support staff at Dr. Feiz and Associates is extremely skilled at dealing with the issues that sometimes come up in the wake of surgeries.

The fact of that matter is that not all bariatric procedures work on the first attempt. Sometimes there are specific issues that have to be dealt with, such as lap band erosion. Sometimes patients simply fail to experience a sufficient weight loss.

The good news is that a few problems don’t mean that a given patient won’t in time be enjoying the kind of results that make truly impressive bariatric surgery pictures. Dr. Feiz is a leader in such procedures as lap band to gastric sleeve conversions, which is less invasive than gastric bypass procedures but which nevertheless produces a very high success rate in terms of helping patients to achieve permanent and healthy weight loss.

Obesity has been declared to be a disease by the American Medical Association (AMA), and for good reason. It opens the door to a plethora of conditions that seriously shorten lifespans while presenting extremely serious threats to the quality of an individual’s life. If traditional methods are not improving your overall physical conditions and obesity is presenting a real threat to your happiness and health, don’t wait to contact Dr. Feiz for a free initial consultation.