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Finding the Right Weight Loss Procedure for You

Though bariatric surgery is becoming more widespread and well-known in society, many understandably have many questions when it comes to the specific procedures and the overall process. With Dr. Feiz and Associates, you’ve come to the right place for answers. As a leading center for weight loss surgery, we have the experience and the expertise to relay important information and knowledge, and to provide the superiorresults you’re looking for.

When it comes to weight loss procedures, many wonder about the strengths and advantages between the Lap band vs. sleeve operations. Both are popular choices of potential patients looking into weight loss procedures. Though the basis of these operations are the same and have the same desired end results, they are performed differently. A Lap Band is a temporary procedure that that involves a band that is placed around the stomach which restricts the patient’s food intake. The band can be adjusted or removed. A gastric sleeve on the other hand is a permanent procedure in which the a portion of the stomach is removed and reshaped through lap band revision surgery. After both of these procedures, the patient will only consume a small amount of food and begin to lose weight gradually over the course of several months.

Because weight loss surgery isn’t a one size fits all procedure, Dr. Feiz and Associates will help you determine if you’re eligible and which procedure to pursue. As a highly talented surgeon, Dr. Feiz can also address previous surgeries that may have yielded lacking results with procedures like a band to sleeve. Your journey toward a better, more healthy you can begin today.

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