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Finding the Tools for Success to Reach Positive Results

When embarking on any journey, it’s critical to bring the right tools and resources. Without them, success could be elusive, or even impossible. For anyone embarking on the journey toward weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, this rule absolutely applies. For most people with only a few extra pounds to lose, weight loss means finding the right diet and committing to the best exercise routine that works for them. Unfortunately, for individuals suffering with severe obesity, weight loss can prove much more difficult. To make matters even more challenging, weight loss for a severely obese individual is not a matter of cosmetic aesthetic, but rather a necessity to improve their quality of life, and combat the many associated serious health conditions such as stroke and heart attack. Fortunately, as is the case with most endeavors, success lies with finding the right resources. Here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we provide those resources in the form of safe and highly effective weight loss surgery.

Though weight loss surgery is increasing in popularity and awareness in the general public, many may not understand the basic concept or understand the core differences between a Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve procedure, for example. Nevertheless, we’re as committed to helping educate our patients as we are to providing world class procedures from a Lap Band to a band to sleeve revision. Unlike their peers who are only slightly overweight, patients struggling with severe obesity are unable to reach a healthy weight through traditional methods such as diet and exercise 99% of the time. To help them reach these results and an improved quality of life, our procedures make considerable and sustained weight loss possible. For more information on our many outstanding procedures, including a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band procedure, you’re only a click away.

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