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For a Healthy Future, Staying Obese Isn’t an Option

When it comes to bariatric surgery, patients are often presented with a multitude of choices for how to proceed including weighing the pros and cons of lap band vs. sleeve. Yet, for anyone who wants a healthy future, staying obese is simply not one of those options. Obesity has been found to significantly shorten a person’s life and, behind smoking, it is estimated to be the second leading cause of preventable death. And, even for people that don’t suffer from a premature death as a result of their obesity, the quality of their life will often be severely hindered by diabetes, heart disease, or simply having to carry around the excess weight.

While the initial choice of what bariatric procedure to go with is certainly an important one, in cases where people elect to have a lap band put it, it does not have to be a permanent one. Recently, as more and more people are seeing the benefits of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, patients are altering the course of their weight loss journey by electing lap band revision surgery. Many of these patients see extremely positive weight loss results when switching to the sleeve, and experience fewer complications without the need for follow up adjustments. And, luckily for patients living in Southern California, Dr. Michael Feiz is one of the area’s leading surgeons when it comes to revision procedures. His band to sleeve patients also love the fact that his office provides exceptional post-operative weight loss support to ensure that every single person is getting the most out of their procedure.

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