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Gastric Bypass after Lap Band Surgery

Gastric Bypass after Lap Band Surgery

The Lap Band has shown tremendous results for many patients, but no surgical operations yields the exact same level of success for everyone. As a result, there are some patients interested in pursuing gastric bypass after Lap Band surgery. Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we offer both procedures, and we consult closely with patients to help them determine the best course of action. If you have tried the Lap Band, but are unsatisfied with your weight loss, you may be eligible for gastric bypass.

There are a few pieces of information that you should know when considering whether or not to get gastric bypass after Lap Band surgery. Gastric bypass is more invasive than the Lap Band. While the Lap Band involves no cutting to internal organs and is completely reversible, gastric bypass on the other hand involves both the cutting and stapling of your stomach and bowels. That said, gastric bypass offers a faster initial rate of weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve after Lap Band

While some patients find that the gastric bypass is the right procedure for them after inadequate results with the Lap Band, in recent years, many patients are turning to the gastric sleeve instead. Dr. Feiz recommends the sleeve gastrectomy to many of his patients because, like the bypass, it can help patients lose weight quicker than the Lap Band, and is also a permanent solution. One way it differs from the bypass is that it doesn’t interfere with the absorption of any nutrients because food still follows the same path through the stomach, it is just a smaller stomach than before so patients can feel satisfied by a much smaller amount of food.