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Gastric Bypass after Lap Band

Gastric Bypass after Lap Band

Anyone who has recently gotten The Lap Band in Los Angeles is likely going to have a period of excitement. Weight loss in Los Angeles is a long journey, and surgical intervention is a big step so it is often followed by a positive, reinvigorated outlook. For most patients, what follows after this period of excitement is steady weight loss until their weight loss goal is reached. But what about patients who experience discomfort, digestive difficulties and even weight gain? Dr. Feiz & Associates have consulted with such patients of other surgeons, and such patients are often discouraged. We know surgical intervention should be a help, not a hindrance. Although finding out one requires further surgery after getting the lap band is unwelcome news, it can be helpful in a way: patients may now feel more certain that they should turn to Gastric Bypass after Lap Band surgery has already been tried.

If The Lap Band in Los Angeles was put in place by a truly qualified, leading surgeon like those at Dr. Feiz & Associates, lap band revision might be a relatively simple matter. Lap Bands can sometimes slip, resulting in minor side effects that must be corrected. They can also require adjustments in tightness. Both of these can be performed by a skilled bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles with considerable ease. Gastric Bypass after Lap Band surgery should only be necessary in the event that major lap band erosion is occurring.

Dr. Feiz & Associates are highly reputable when it comes to these procedures, but Gastric Bypass after Lap Band surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly. The skilled surgeons at our center will consult with you carefully about your history and your weight loss goals before you arrive at a decision. To get one step closer to your decision, schedule a consultation with Dr. Feiz & Associates today.