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Gastric Bypass Beverly Hills

gastric-bypass-beverly-hillsGastric Bypass Beverly Hills

Though obesity poses many health risks, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, and back problems, it also inevitably leads to detrimental effects on the psyche. The helplessness and depression brought on by morbid obesity, in many cases, creates an unhealthy cycle in which food brings feelings of pleasure, while the sadness caused by being overweight is coped with by excessive eating, which leads to more weight gain. For many morbidly obese individuals, bariatric surgery is the last resort to win the battle against weight gain and lead a healthier, more enjoyable life. By undergoing a gastric bypass in Beverly Hills with Dr. Feiz, patients are able to realize their weight loss goals and better their self-confidence, health, and productivity.

In order to help ensure optimal results with the gastric bypass in Beverly Hills, Dr. Feiz employs psychological counseling and guidance in order to remove his patients’ psychological dependence on food. In addition, patients are given individualized exercise and diet regiments, which aid in the recovery and weight loss process. For more information regarding a gastric bypass in Beverly Hills with Dr. Feiz, please schedule a free consultation or attend one of his free seminars.

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