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Gastric Bypass Huntington Beach


Along with multiple locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Feiz performs the lap gastric bypass in Huntington Beach. In the gastric bypass procedure, the stomach is made into a small pouch and the intestines are re-rerouted to accommodate less caloric and nutrient absorption. With the decreased capacity for food intake and caloric absorption comes significant weight loss which lasts for months after the procedure. Undergoing a gastric bypass in Huntington Beach with Dr. Feiz allows patients to rid themselves of the many co-morbidities that can collectively subtract twenty years off their lives. The risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes are drastically reduced, and in many cases removed completely.

With Dr. Feiz, patients are able to undergo bariatric surgeries that provide life-changing results. In order to ensure a safe and successful weight loss surgery, whether it’s a Lap Band, sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric bypass, Dr. Feiz evaluates each patient based on age, weight, BMI, and overall health. In addition, Dr. Feiz provides counseling and dietery and exercise regiments in order to enhance the post-op results. If you want to find out if bariatric surgery is the right choice for you, please call for a free consultation regarding the gastric bypass in Huntington Beach with Dr. Feiz.

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