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Gastric Bypass Ontario

gastric-bypass-ontarioGastric Bypass Ontario

If your attempts at losing weight through diet and exercise have not given you desired results, and you have a BMI of 35 or higher, a gastric bypass in Ontario with Dr. Feiz is your key to a slimmer, healthier, more enjoyable life. Unlike the Lap Band procedure, which requires periodic band adjustments via an implant on the abdomen, the gastric bypass in Ontario is permanent, requires no adjustments, and doesn’t require an abdominal implant. Those who are uncomfortable with the implant aspect of the Lap-Band, should consider either the sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass procedure.

One of the biggest benefits of the gastric bypass procedure is that it induces rapid weight loss that lasts for months or years after the operation. In addition, by losing the excess weight that’s characteristic of morbid obesity, patients are able to decrease their chances of succumbing to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. In essence, by undergoing a gastric bypass in Ontario with Dr. Feiz, patients are able to comprehensively improve their appearance, as well as their health.

If you want to know if the gastric bypass in Ontario is a feasible option for you, please call and schedule a free consultation, or attend one of Dr. Feiz’s complimentary weight loss surgery seminars.

Dr. Feiz & Associates offer many options to people interested in solutions for weight loss in Los Angeles. The highly experienced Dr. Michael Feiz and his team provide gastric sleeve surgery and the Lap Band in Los Angeles. They also provide gastric sleeve surgery and the Lap Band in Beverly Hills, Oxnard, Huntington Beach, and a variety of other convenient office locations.

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