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Gastric Bypass Surgery Los Angeles

At our medical center, we have not just one, but a whole team of experienced doctors, forming one of the most trusted places to get gastric bypass surgery in Los Angeles. It’s important to take into account the safety concerns patients have when they get these operations. Gastric bypass procedures involved the cutting and stapling of the stomach and bowel, and it is understandable to show some degree of apprehension when exploring options like these. The bariatric surgeons at Dr. Feiz & Associates want you to be educated about the procedure, and the results you can expect.

A FREE consultation with Dr. Feiz & Associates is the first step toward understanding your options when it comes to medical weight loss. Our state of the art technology provides you with the maximum peace of mind, but we may consult you about many other treatment options, including gastric bypass surgery in Los Angeles, and some non-surgical methods. You might also want to attend a FREE seminar to learn more about what we do.

There’s no substitute for good health, and considering gastric bypass means your health has become a concern for you. When weight loss becomes a matter of health, not just happiness, it might be time for medical intervention. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, but it could be a first step toward a new life. The only way to find out if gastric bypass surgery in Los Angeles is right for you is to consult a medical center where the surgeons have an excellent record of success.

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