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Gastric Lap Band

A gastric lap band is one of a number of less invasive forms of weight loss surgery which are growing increasingly popular. This type of surgery has been been pioneered by leading bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS and has a number of features which many patients may find preferable to other surgeries. The lap band procedure is both adjustable and reversible; in addition, the fact that it is less invasive than older surgeries often reduces the recovery time following the gastric lap band procedure.

The procedure essentially works by essentially tying off a portion of the stomach with an adjustable band. The result is a significantly reduced stomach and a smaller appetite to go with it. Weight loss results are very often quite rapid with the procedure.

Dr. Feiz is an expert in the use of laparoscopic techniques, which use a small, highly accurate camera to perform incisions. The placement of the stomach band using this technique is a highly sensitive process that calls for great accuracy and precision. With a zero mortality rate, Dr. Feiz boasts an astonishing record of success and a long list of grateful patients whose dramatic and long-lasting weight loss with the help of the gastric lap band has them singing the doctor’s praises.

As well as being perhaps the best surgeon of his type, Dr. Feiz is noted for his ability to explain how procedures work to patients and working with them to see which procedure is right for them. If you are interested in finding out more about weight loss surgery, including lap band surgery cost, please contact Dr. Feiz via his website. You can also reach him by telephone at 310-817-6911 or 800-868-5946

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