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Gastric Sleeve after Lap Band Defeats Ghrelin

If you have a body mass index sufficient to categorize you as severely obese, you know you need to lose weight to stay healthy, or overcome comorbid diseases you already have. You may have researched weight loss surgeons in Southern California, and found that you likely qualify for a bariatric procedure. Perhaps, like many people in a similar position, you have chosen the Lap Band – but, maybe you are experiencing stomach pain, acid reflux, or are gaining weight back that you had lost. This could be a sign that the band has stopped working. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., is one of the best weight loss surgeons on the West Coast, and specializes in procedures like Lap Band revision surgery. Contact his practice, Dr. Feiz & Associates, to see if you qualify for this procedure today.

This procedure can be very helpful if you need to continue losing weight, but haven’t successfully done so with the Lap Band. Dr. Feiz will remove the Lap Band device, then roughly 75 percent of the stomach. This is a gastric sleeve after Lap Band. This creates a smaller “sleeve” out of the organ, so you will feel full after eating less, just like with the band. However, you may find that you are also more emotionally satisfied after smaller meals, because removing part of the stomach removes the gland which produces ghrelin, aka the “hungry hormone.” Ghrelin signals the brain when the stomach is empty, but obese people produce more of it. Worse, when we lose weight, its production actually increases. With less ghrelin, it’s possible you won’t suffer the intense cravings or hunger pangs that sabotage so many efforts at weight loss.

We at Dr. Feiz & Associates are here to answer your questions about gastric sleeve vs. Lap Band, so contact us to set up an appointment today.