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Gastric Sleeve After Lap Band Surgery May be the Answer for You

Gastric Sleeve After Lap Band Surgery May be the Answer for You

Gastric sleeve after lap band surgery is often an effective solution for patients who were unable to lose sufficient weight with their lap band procedure. Lap band revision surgery can successfully remove and replace a lap band, or, it may involve the removing the lap band altogether and performing gastric sleeve surgery. Sleeve gastrectomy, as it is also known, works by removing a significant portion of the stomach. Another component of sleeve gastrectomy is the fact that the removed portion of the stomach also will virtually eliminate the production of ghrelin, commonly called “the hunger hormone.” Dr. Michael Feiz, a Los Angeles weight loss surgeon, is intimately familiar with how ghrelin preys on the morbidly obese and creates a no-win situation for them, until they have the gastric sleeve and can learn healthier lifestyle habits.

The differences between the lap band vs. gastric sleeve may make a person wonder which is right for them, especially for the second time around. Fortunately, Dr. Feiz is a weight loss surgeon who can help explain the pros and cons of each and even further surgeries they may consider to help them determine which option would work best for their unique situation. The best way for patients to take the first step is to either sign up for a free weight loss seminar throughout the Greater Los Angeles region or to come in for a consultation with Dr. Feiz to learn more about weight loss.

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