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Gastric Sleeve after Lap Band

Gastric Sleeve after Lap Band

While the Lap Band’s success and safety reputation continue to grow, skilled bariatric surgeons like Dr. Feiz & Associates increasingly have patients of other doctors complaining of a condition called Lap Band erosion. Such patients seek someone to help them continue on the road to weight loss after a setback: lap band erosion may have resulted in weight gain. It is normal, then, to feel discouraged when efforts toward weight loss in Los Angeles aren’t effective.

At this time, skilled surgeons know to examine the patient’s case carefully and present the many options available. One of those options is inevitably going to be further surgery. Lap Band revision is common enough as a follow up to Lap Band procedures. Loosening a tight Lab Band, or even moving a Lap Band that has shifted can be performed with relative ease, but if your lap band needs to be removed, the best way to continue your weight loss may be through Gastric Sleeve after Lap Band surgery. The gastric sleeve, aka sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure meant to be a precursor to gastric bypass in Los Angeles, but it has proven to be an effective weight loss method in its own right.

Not all problems require the Gastric Sleeve after Lap Band to be performed in order to get back on track to weight loss. In some cases what appears to be lap band erosion is actually a problem with what the patient is eating, or even simply that they aren’t swallowing in the way that is most conducive to weight loss. These problems can be corrected with relative ease. Gastric Sleeve after Lap Band surgery is being recommended more and more, however. Patients who feel like this may be their best option should explore all options with a skilled surgeon like the ones at Dr. Feiz & Associates as soon as possible.