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Gastric Sleeve Cost is a Multifaceted Issue

Being concerned about gastric sleeve cost is perfectly reasonable; however, it’s not something that is easy to address in a clear-cut fashion. There are a number of considerations, including:

  • Because every bariatric patient is fundamentally different from every other patient, it is almost impossible to give an accurate cost online.
  • Many individuals’ medical insurance will cover weight loss surgery as a potentially life-saving treatment, though policies not surprisingly differ a great deal.
  • For those whose insurance does not cover weight loss surgery, it is hard to put a price on a treatment option that can offer a real chance at a new life without many of the burdens and dangers of obesity and its related conditions.

Obesity is a serious threat to the health of many Americans and is clearly linked to a great many life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancers.  Each of these diseases not only shorten lifespans, they can greatly reduce the quality of life not only be causing pain but by making previously enjoyable activities difficult or impossible.

Beyond the serious medical consequences of obesity, there are a number of physical and social limitations in which obesity can play a role. Severely obese individuals may find it difficult to partake in physical activities, making healthy exercise difficult and threatening a vicious cycle of inactivity and weight gain. Moreover, the psycho-social ramifications of morbid obesity are well documented, sapping self-confidence and potentially seriously hampering an individual’s social and professional life.

Weight loss surgery can create an opportunity for patients to escape the repeated cycle of weight loss attempts and inevitably regaining lost weight, thus providing a means to efficiently lose weight and live a healthier life. While we all have to pay attention to our expenses, there’s really no way to put a price on the benefits of weight loss surgery.

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