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Gastric Sleeve Cost

Morbid obesity is serious business and so are your finances. Given the rising cost of medicine nationwide, and also in California, it’s only natural for prospective weight loss surgery patients to be concerned with issues such as gastric sleeve cost. Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS is a hugely experienced physician with a compassionate, caring approach who realizes that issues such as finance can occasionally cloud important medical decisions.

As one of Southern California’s premier practitioners of less invasive weight loss surgery options, Dr. Feiz does not want gastric sleeve cost to be the determinant factor in patients’ decisions regarding bariatric surgery. He wants all patients to understand that sleeve gastrectomy surgery and other common procedures are often covered by medical insurance. Patients who are covered need to look into their insurers policies regarding this type of coverage, which is often dependent on whether the insured’s medical condition meets certain established criteria.

Of course, too many of us these days either do not have medical insurance, or have only very basic policies that may not cover procedures such as a gastric sleeve. In those cases, the patient’s out-of-pocket charges will obviously be a great deal higher. Even so, depending upon the state of your health and your financial situation, paying out-of-pocket for such a procedure may nevertheless be the wisest course for your particular situation. As a highly compassionate physician who takes a global approach to the health of his patients, Dr. Feiz is there to consult with clients about every aspect of weight loss surgery options.

For more information on gastric sleeve cost, please contact us today. There is no charge for first consultations with Dr. Feiz.