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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Colton

At Dr. Feiz & Associates, some of the top weight loss surgeons in America are offering gastric sleeve surgery in Colton. This revolutionary bariatric procedure is giving a new lease on life to countless patients struggling with morbid obesity. This is not simply a cosmetic solution. Obesity is proven to be the cause of a number of serious, life-threatening health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and much more. The specialists at Dr. Feiz & Associates who provide gastric sleeve surgery in Colton are helping patients live longer, more fulfilling lives.

What does gastric sleeve surgery in Colton actually entail? Patients who undergo this procedure will have 75-85% of their stomach removed. The remaining 15-25% will be molded into the shape of a sleeve (hence the name of the surgery). The new shape allows for better regulation of food intake, enabling the patient to feel satiated much quicker and thus eat substantially less. Patients will experience immediate weight loss.

Two premier surgical specialists at Dr. Feiz & Associates – Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS – offers an even more advanced procedure called micro sleeve surgery. This options achieves the same amazing results, but because it is all done with a SINGLE incision to the abdomen, the patient enjoys a faster recovery period, less discomfort, and negligible scarring.

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