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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Ontario

The renowned medical experts at Dr. Feiz & Associates are among the select few bariatric surgeons offering gastric sleeve surgery in Ontario. At this cutting-edge facility, the doctors make use of an advanced method known as micro sleeve surgery, same as gastric sleeve surgery in Ontario, but involving a state-of-the-art surgical platform: a single metal tube that houses all the instruments necessary for the procedure. One incision – just one small incision! – is made to the abdominal area. The tube is inserted and the instruments emerge and unfold inside the cavity like a miniature umbrella.

Micro sleeve surgery, like the standard gastric sleeve surgery in Ontario, involves the removal of 75-85% of the stomach, and reshaping what remains into a sleeve-shaped form for better regulation of food intake. With the method used at Dr. Feiz & Associates, however, a patient’s recovery period is dramatically faster and less painful. And of course because there is only one incision, scarring is minimal. Indeed, you should only have a scar the size of a freckle or a single grain of rice.

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