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Gastric Sleeve Surgery San Bernadino

Gastric sleeve surgery in San Bernadino is safer, more effective, and less stressful on the body now that elite surgeons like Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS is able to provide an advanced option called micro sleeve surgery. This procedure still involves removing around 75% or more of the stomach, and reforming what’s left over into a sleeve-like shape, but all this can now be done with JUST ONE INCISION, thanks to cutting-edge surgical instrumentation that only a select few doctors in America are qualified to use. Dr. Feiz is a member of this elite group, allowing him to offer his patients a breakthrough method for gastric sleeve surgery in San Bernadino.

If you are interested in learning more about gastric sleeve surgery in San Bernadino, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, or attend one of Dr. Feiz's free seminars. By interacting with these talented and dedicated doctors, you’ll quickly learn why they have such a widespread reputation for caring, personalized service.

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