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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Video

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Beverly Hills by Dr Feiz

Gastric Sleeve Surgery by Dr Feiz and Associates: Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS is one of the few bariatric surgeons in the United States who are qualified to use the STARR Treatment, which enables hi...

If you want a better idea of what to expect from your operation, you should consider taking a look at a gastric sleeve surgery video. The videos available on our website offer insight into just how precise and meticulous our work is here at Dr. Feiz & Associates. Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS specializes in micro gastric sleeve surgery, which you can see from the gastric sleeve surgery video is an even more precise way of performing a sleeve gastrectomy. The video demonstrates that the operation can be done with only a single incision to the abdominal area, usually near the belly button. This breakthrough technique allows for minimal scarring and a faster recovery period.

Also, the gastric sleeve surgery video will help soothe your understandable concerns about safety. This is an extremely safe medical procedure, in the hands of skilled practitioners like Dr. Feiz Any accomplished surgeon should have such videos on display for prospective patients. Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we believe that a fully informed patient is a satisfied patient.

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