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Gastric Sleeve vs. Gastric Bypass

Many people come to Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS wondering about gastric sleeve vs. gastric bypass. Both are very effective tools for weight loss, but by consulting with Dr. Feiz and his team of highly trained medical professionals, you will be armed with the necessary information to decide which of these is the right procedure for you. Some prospective patients may be a better candidate for gastric sleeve vs. gastric bypass, or vice versa, but only after the doctor carefully and methodically examines your health record can he make a suggestion about which is the best course of action.biolussier

The gastric sleeve involves removing as much as 85% of the stomach and then sculpting what remains into a sleeve-like structure, to slow the intake of food in the digestive system. Gastric bypass accomplishes much the same thing by dividing the stomach into two pouches and redirecting the intestinal track to drain both pouches.

Both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass can be performed using the STARR Treatment. This is an advanced technique which only a few select bariatric surgeons in the United States are qualified to use. With the STARR Treatment, Dr. Feiz is able to perform the surgery with ONLY A SINGLE INCISION. This means the patient can enjoy a faster recovery, and less post-operative discomfort. Perhaps most astounding of all is that patients are left with virtually no scars. Typically, you will have just one scar no larger in diameter than a freckle or a grain of rice.
Be sure to check out our gastric sleeve before and after and gastric bypass before and after galleries. Learn more about gastric sleeve vs. gastric bypass by contacting us to schedule a FREE consultation or to attend a FREE informational seminar.

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