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Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric sleeve weight loss surgery represents the pinnacle of bariatric medicine. This revolutionary procedure is changing – and saving – lives all over America. The premier provider of gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in the Los Angeles area is Dr. Feiz & Associates, where accomplished surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS and his team of medical professionals have dedicated themselves to offering their patients easier, more effective solutions.

What is gastric sleeve weight loss surgery? Essentially, Dr. Feiz will surgically remove 75% or more of your stomach and re-shape what remains into a sleeve that better regulates the flow of food particles. In a nutshell, this means you will get full faster (eating less at each meal) and stay full longer (lasting longer between each meal). If you opt for gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, you will see immediate results.

And now that Dr. Feiz & Associates offers the advanced STARR Treatment, you can get this surgery performed with only A SINGLE INCISION to your abdominal wall. That means a faster recovery and negligible scarring (a scar no larger than a freckle will remain). Losing weight has never been so easy and safe. Contact Dr. Feiz & Associates directly for more information about gastric sleeve weight loss surgery.

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