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Get a Second Chance with Dr. Feiz’ Conversion Weight Loss Surgery

Get a Second Chance with Dr. Feiz’ Conversion Weight Loss Surgery

What is convert band to sleeve surgery with Dr. Feiz? This procedure involves a two-step process. First, Dr. Feiz removes the lap band device, reverting the stomach to its original size and shape. Then, he will remove a significant portion of the stomach, leaving a shape that looks like a small sleeve. This smaller stomach capacity means patients feel satisfied more quickly and for longer periods of time. In addition to this reduced capacity for food, the main difference between lap band vs. gastric sleeve surgery is the fact that the patient feels significantly diminished hunger and appetite when the ghrelin hormone, which is emitted from the part of the stomach that was removed, is drastically reduced.

If you have had previous lap band surgery and are frustrated with your results, you’re not alone. As the preeminent expert in conversion surgery in Southern California, Dr. Michael Feiz is able to successfully help you lose weight and keep it off so you finally get to see a number on the scale that you’re proud of, even if you have never been able to say that before. Dr. Feiz routinely performs conversion surgery, giving him an unparalleled level of skill at this procedure.

With the help of Dr. Feiz, you won’t only get the conversion surgery you need, but you’ll also be impressed with his bedside manner that is described as compassionate and never judgmental. You don’t have to worry that you will be admonished for your unsuccessful surgical results, and you can expect to get down to a healthy weight with hard work and a talented, caring surgeon at your side.

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