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Get Healthy Again with Weight Loss Surgery

Nearly two-thirds of the US adult population is overweight or obese, which means many American adults struggle with their weight. While you may know you are not alone in the fight, you may struggle to lose the amount of weight that you need to get healthy again, and avoid comorbidities like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and worse. If you are severely obese (a BMI of 40 or over, or a 35 or over with related health problems), you may qualify for weight loss surgery, and Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. at Dr. Feiz & Associates is here to help. He has in-depth knowledge about the best weight loss surgeries, from Lap Band to band to sleeve revision, and his focus on his patients helps them achieve the weight loss they need.

While many qualifying patients have some knowledge of bariatric surgery, their knowledge might be mostly hearsay or out of date information. Dr. Feiz works in his very first consultation with patients to help them understand the benefits of weight loss surgery, especially Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy, so they can make an informed choice about their long-term health. Dr. Feiz has years of experience and training in this field, so he can help create a plan that ensures each patient has the best experience before, during, and after surgery.

In some rare cases, a patient may opt for Lap Band revision surgery. This procedure involves removing the Lap Band device, then permanently reducing the size of the stomach with gastric sleeve surgery. The revision procedure can sometimes be performed at one time, but is also often split into two or three surgeries so the patient’s body has a chance to recover. Dr. Feiz specializes in this procedure and will gladly discuss details with patients who need it for any reason.

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