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Get in the Right Direction for Lasting Weight Loss with Dr. Feiz

Lap band surgery has gained in popularity since the beginning of what is sometimes called the “laparoscopic era” in the 1990s with introduction of the adjustable gastric band. While the lap band has maintained its position as a solid choice for effective weight loss, patients today have more options including band to sleeve surgery for those already with a lap band. Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS and his team of medical professionals have enjoyed tremendous success with varying bariatric surgery options to help patients lose weight and keep it off.

The lap band has helped countless individuals to combat obesity, including pop music artists Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips and Ann Wilson of Heart. However some patients are opting to go directly with a sleeve gastrectomy. The so-called lap band vs. sleeve debate is very active in the bariatric surgery community and either choice for weight-loss surgery presents advantages depending on the individual.

For those already with a lap band but not quite satisfied with results, a lap band revision surgery may be the preferred option for continued weight loss. Dr. Feiz & Associates have earned a trusted reputation for carefully evaluating such cases and helping patients, including those who received lap bands elsewhere, to make their decision. Dr. Feiz’s experience and skills are applied to examine individual digestive processes and determine how the body is responding to the lap band.

For first-time patients, choosing a gastric sleeve operation typically delivers intermediate initial weight loss, with no implant required and less frequent follow-ups. Going with a lap band, a patient can change his or her mind as the procedure is adjustable and reversible. There are multiple benefits to both weight-loss surgery options and the friendly experts at Dr. Feiz & Associates can assist to choose the right direction for your long-term weight management.

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