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Ghrelin Hormone

The ghrelin hormone is the topic on the tip of everyone’s tongues right now. But what is ghrelin and why does it have so many weight loss surgeons so excited? Let’s jump right in…

Basically, ghrelin is a hormone found in the fundus, located in the left part of your stomach. The ghrelin hormone is a hunger-stimulating peptide. Okay, but for those of us who are not experts in human anatomy, what is the layman’s English ghrelin definition? Basically, the ghrelin hormone makes you hungry. Your levels of ghrelin go up before a meal, and go down after you consume your food. Well, it then stands to reason that with less ghrelin in your system, you’ll experience less hunger, and eat less, right? Exactly! And that’s good news if you’re interested in losing weight. So how can you reduce your levels of ghrelin…?

There is a very safe and effective bariatric surgery called the gastric sleeve procedure which dramatically reduces the level of ghrelin in your body. Reputable weight loss surgeons like our very own Dr. Michael Feiz have been performing the gastric sleeve surgery for years, and with stellar results. Essentially, Dr.Feiz removes around 75% of your stomach, including the fundus (the part where the ghrelin hormone is produced). Dr. Feiz completes the operation by reshaping the remaining portion of your stomach into a sleeve-like structure (hence the name gastric sleeve). The new structure of your stomach allows you to better regulate the flow of food particles into our intestines. You’ll eat less in each sitting, and feel less hungry. No wonder so many people are asking their physicians about this breakthrough method…

If you are interested in learning more about the ghrelin hormone, and about its connection to the increasingly popular gastric sleeve surgery, contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.

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