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What is ghrelin? Ghrelin is a hunger-stimulating hormone found in the lining of the fundus, a part of the stomach. The level of ghrelin hormone in your body increases before a meal and decreases afterward. Dr. Michael Feiz, a bariatric surgeon who performs the increasingly recommended gastric aleeve procedure, notes that this surgical method removes 75-85% of the patient’s stomach, including the fundus. Consequently, patients can enjoy dramatically reduced levels of ghrelin, helping them to eat less often and in smaller quantities with each sitting.

Of course, ghrelin isn’t the only thing standing in the way of substantial weight loss. Dr. Feiz and his team of highly trained and experienced medical professionals can explain the additional benefits of the gastric sleeve procedure. One relatively new discovery is that the procedure is actually better at combating conditions like Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure than traditional treatments. In fact, a high number of gastric sleeve patients experience total remission of their diabetes.

Gastric sleeve surgery is not the only bariatric operation available at Dr. Feiz & Associates. Dr. Feiz is equally adept at gastric bypass and the Lap Band procedure, both of which may be more suitable, depending on the health of the patient and their ultimate weight loss goals. Only by consulting with these experts can a patient arrive at an informed decision as to the best course of action for them.

So contact us today and schedule a FREE consultation. Learn more about ghrelin and how it works. Find out all you want to know about bariatric surgery, including how much they cost, how long the recovery period typically takes, and so much more. Here you will find a warm and inviting atmosphere where doctors prioritize not only safety, but also personalized and attentive patient care.

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