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While it may feel like you’re doomed to live an unhealthy existence of overeating, being overweight and feeling miserable, that isn’t so. In fact, many severely obese individuals have turned their lives around by having the lap band in Los Angeles with acclaimed, double board-certified bariatric surgeon, Dr. Michael Feiz. Many of the patients who come to Dr. Feiz for their first consultation feel a sense of hopelessness about ever being able to lose weight, as they have tried many different methods without lasting success.

The good news is that countless patients of Dr. Feiz have been able to lose weight and keep it off with as the aid of the Gastric Sleeve procedure, also known Gastric Sleeve Surgery. This surgery makes the stomach 15% of its original size, by removing a large portion and stapling off the remaining segment. The stomach’s smaller size helps patients lose weight because they only have a limited stomach capacity, but also because the “hunger hormone” is emitted as much lower levels because the area of the stomach that produces it, the fundus, is removed. Patients lose weight by eating smaller portions, but eating small portions frequently throughout the day to remain satiated but not stuffed.

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most recently developed forms of bariatric surgery, but it is also the wave of the future in bariatric surgery. Dr. Feiz has carried out many sleeve gastrectomy surgeries, and he highly encourages individuals with extreme weight problems to explore this option and schedule a consultation at his offices. Call today to learn more, we have offices for consultations on lap band surgery in Oxnard, Thousand Oaks and Calabasas, in addition to our Los Angeles location!

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