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Have Your Second Bariatric Procedure Done Right

The obesity stigma is alive and well. Often, people don’t think that weight loss after lap band surgery is that difficult, because they’re under the mistaken impression that bariatric surgery is an easy fix. However, this is not the case, and patients must be very diligent in their caloric intake, as well as physical activity. Lifestyle changes must be made, so that patients lose significant amount of weight. The surgery is only one tool to help patients get there, and any lap band patient needs to work hard to lose weight. However, not all see sufficient weight loss; that’s when they come to Dr. Michael Feiz to discuss lap band revision surgery.

Not all patients suffer from inadequate weight loss simply because they didn’t try hard enough. In fact, some physicians don’t properly train their patients on what it takes to effect a lifestyle change, and do a poor job at explaining what it will take. That’s when it’s up to Dr. Feiz to fix it, and thoroughly counsel the patient on what it takes to lose weight. In other circumstances, the lap band might just not be compatible with the patient, because some people don’t react well to a foreign object in their body. Other might not have the metabolism needed for a restrictive procedure to be successful. If one of these reasons is the case, then Dr. Feiz may suggest band to sleeve conversion — a secondary weight loss procedure.

Band to sleeve surgery removes the lap band device and converts the stomach into a sleeve shape. The perk here that makes the sleeve gastrectomy win in the battle of lap band vs. sleeve is that it’s a permanent solution that doesn’t affect what a person can eat, only the size of the portions they can eat comfortably. Dr. Feiz is a master of minimally invasive techniques, guaranteeing that this conversion is as safe as possible.

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