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Healthy Weight within Reach

If you have struggled with severe obesity for years, and have been unable to lose weight or keep it off, Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his team at Dr. Feiz & Associates are here for you. Dr. Feiz and his team can tell you whether or not you qualify for weight loss surgery to help you reach a healthy weight, and avoid comorbid diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and depression. He will also work closely with you to meet your needs, both physical and emotional. It is important for patients considering weight loss surgery to know their options, so Dr. Feiz will discuss not only popular options like gastric sleeve vs. Lap Band, but other types of weight loss surgery, too.

Weight loss surgery has greatly benefitted many patients that Dr. Feiz has worked with. He is expertly trained in many kinds of procedures, and has especially seen the benefits to patients of two popular techniques: Lap Band, and gastric sleeve. However, Dr. Feiz also specializes in Lap Band revision surgery. Although it is rare, sometimes a Lap Band slips, is inserted too tight during another surgery, or otherwise fails to help the patient lose weight. Problems with the band can lead to pain, as well. Dr. Feiz has worked hard to become a leading expert in revision surgery to help his patients continue their weight loss journey if the Lap Band does not function as expected.

Whether you need gastric sleeve after Lap Band, or want to discuss your weight loss surgery options, contact Dr. Feiz & Associates today to set up your first appointment.

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