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Help for Joint and Bone Pain with Weight Loss Surgery

One of the most difficult downsides of being overweight is dealing with the joint and bone pain. Excess fat on the frame of the body usually means extra stress applied to one’s joints and bones (because they’re responsible for moving more mass than they otherwise would), and this causes them to become damaged quicker and more easily than if a person weighed less. There are ways to help with these pains however, and one of them is weight loss surgery, which is available through Dr. Feiz and Associates.

Dr. Feiz and Associates is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in the Southern California area. He has an extensive background in sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band operations, which are ideal for patients who want to try a different weight loss option if they feel their original Lap Band surgery didn’t deliver the results they wanted.

For those who are struggling with the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve operations, Dr. Feiz can offer expert guidance to make sure they pick the procedure that best suits their specific goals and needs for weight less, and a return to proper health and self-confidence. And for anybody who has undergone a Lap Band operation, but wants to change the direction of their weight loss strategy, the band to sleeve revision can be extremely helpful. This is because when switching from a Lap Band to a sleeve solution, the stomach is shrunk and turned into the shape of a sleeve, vs. the simple reforming of the stomach into an hour glass shape with a band.

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