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Hormone Ghrelin

What is ghrelin? That is a very good question, and an especially important question for people who are suffering from obesity and are interested in learning how weight loss surgery might help them. Ghrelin is a hormone. The ghrelin hormone is responsible for producing hunger. The levels of the hormone ghrelin increase before you eat and decrease after you eat. The hormone ghrelin can be found in an area of the stomach known as the fundus. Interestingly enough, the fundus is removed as part of the weight loss surgery known as sleeve gastrectomy. As a result, this surgery not only removes a significant portion of the patient’s stomach (75-85%), but also drastically reduces the amount of the hormone ghrelin in the patient’s system along with it.

You can imagine the benefits of a weight loss procedure that reduces your appetite. Many more people are inquiring about the gastric sleeve procedure. Where can I get it? What does the surgery entail? Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, a reputable weight loss surgery center, Dr. Michael Feiz and his team of talented medical professionals offer a number of bariatric procedures, one of which is the gastric sleeve method.

The gastric sleeve procedure can also help combat certain co-morbidities. Recent studies have shown that this surgery can even send a condition like Type II Diabetes into complete remission. In fact, bariatric methods such as sleeve gastrectomy have been shown to be even more effective than traditional treatments.

Would you like to learn more about ghrelin, and how it stimulates your appetite? Would you like to learn more about Dr. Feiz and the different weight loss operations available at his weight loss surgery center? Contact us to have all your questions and concerns addressed in a FREE initial consultation. Today is a good day to seize control of your weight, and your life…

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