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How Can Weight Loss Surgery Improve Your Health?

Being overweight can affect you in most aspects of your life. The self-confidence issues can keep you from social interactions and taking up amazing opportunities that may arise. The joint pain can hinder your mobility, making a simple act like going up the stairs near impossible. Depression is also at higher risk for overweight people. Not to mention the serious illnesses that are associated with obesity, including diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart attack. It’s important to lose weight in a healthy way in order to get your life back on track. Fortunately, leading bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., offers the weight loss surgery options that will drastically improve your life.

Dr. Michael Feiz and Associates have offices located throughout Southern California for your convenience, in Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach, Thousand Oaks, and more. Our talented and compassionate surgical team works hard to ensure that patients feel comfortable before, after, and during surgery in our state of the art facilities. Our surgeons can discuss the lap band vs. gastric sleeve options with patients who aren’t sure what surgery is right for them. There’s also the option for sleeve gastrectomy after lap band if an earlier procedure performed elsewhere has not worked out as planned.

These surgical options, including lap band, gastric sleeve, and band to sleeve revision, can help you see weight loss results that weren’t possible with diet and exercise alone. The health risks associated with obesity will be lowered, giving you a new lease on life. Call our offices today regarding a free seminar to get started.

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