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How Much is Lap Band Surgery

If you’re considering lap band surgery, you’ve probably been considering the variables involved with this particular bariatric procedure. Wondering if you qualify for the procedure, what your new life will be like, and if you’re prepared for surgery are probably in your thoughts. One of the most common questions that Dr. Michael Feiz, MD, FACS encounters in his Los Angeles office is “how much does lap band surgery cost?” Dr. Feiz, in a free consultation, can cover in thorough detail what your lapband cost may be.

There’s no universal number for lap band cost that can be given. However, there are some variables involved that can affect how much is lap band surgery for you. One aspect that changes from person to person is insurance coverage. Not every insurance agency will cover a lap band surgery and, for those that do, may or may not cover the whole procedure. Your particular health conditions affect this as well; those who are morbidly obese with many comorbidities have a better chance of getting the procedure covered than healthier persons with a lower BMI. Dr. Feiz has plenty of experience working with insurance companies and can help guide you through this process; so don’t fret if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Now, how much is lap band surgery with Dr. Feiz compared to other surgeons? Dr. Feiz and his associates prefer to do a minimally invasive version of the lap band procedure. Using only one point of incision allows Dr. Feiz to reduce risks associated with more invasive procedures, reducing hospital stay and other costs associated with complications. Furthermore, board certified surgeon Dr. Feiz is so experienced that he’s truly perfected the many bariatric procedures he performs.

How much is lap band surgery consultation with Dr. Feiz? It’s completely free, as are the many seminars he offers for information on the subject. Call 310-817-6911 for more information today.

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