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How to Explain the Increasing Popularity of the Lap Band

Why are so many people interested in lap band surgery? There are a couple of reasons. First, in the hands of a capable surgeon, this procedure is extremely safe and effective. Patients can see dramatic weight loss results – results that can be maintained by changes in healthy eating and living. Second, with advancements in technology, the lap band procedure is easier than ever before. Dr. Michael Feiz, a reputable bariatric surgeon who performs lap band surgery in California, is one of a select number of surgeons in the United States who is qualified to use what is known as the STARR Treatment, a method that enables him to insert the band with only a SINGLE INCISION. As you can imagine, that means his patients enjoy a faster and less painful recovery. It also means that his patients experience virtually no residual scarring. If you don’t tell someone you got the surgery, they probably will never know! Third, this procedure is reversible; if, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the results, it can be removed and your stomach will return to its previous shape.

Dr. Feiz has been performing lap band surgery for many years, and has a lower complication rate than the national average. He has also never had a single mortality. Patients come to him not only because of his reputation for superior precision and safety, but also because of his reputation for attentive and personalized patient care. People understandably have concerns about undergoing any procedure, and Dr. Feiz goes out of his way to alleviate any unnecessary anxiety.

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