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How to Get Started with Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss is not an easy journey, no matter what method you decide to use. Diet and exercise are often a pivotal part of losing weight, but they can’t always give you the results you need to look and feel better. Weight loss surgery has a tremendous track record in changing a person’s life by helping them shed the pounds in record time. To get started on his journey, you need a hard-working and talented doctor like Dr. Michael Feiz and Associates on your side.

Dr. Feiz is a renowned bariatric surgeon in the Southern California area, with many years of experience performing surgeries like gastric bypass, lap band, and band to sleeve revision, among many more. He and his team are devoted to providing the best care possible and ensuring that patients feel comfortable before and after surgery.

Before getting surgery, it’s important to know your options and to understand issues like lap band vs. gastric sleeve choices. Making an informed decision will allow you to feel more comfortable before going into the surgical process. Dr. Feiz is ready and available to discuss your options, to give you advice, and answer any questions you may have.

Whether you want lap band surgery or a sleeve gastrectomy after lap band, Dr. Feiz can get you started on the path to healthy weight loss. You don’t have to wait another minute for your healthier life and a slimmer version of yourself. Call today to get a free consultation and to learn about your options.

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