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I Can’t Lose the Weight after Lap Band Surgery

I Can’t Lose the Weight after Lap Band Surgery

Although you probably took your time weighing the differences between lap band vs. sleeve vs. bypass, you might wonder how your life would’ve been different if you had had another type of bariatric surgery. Many of Dr. Feiz’ patients come to him with this exact quandary, asking about band to sleeve because they were unable to lose weight through traditional means, or even after lap band surgery. That’s why Dr. Feiz is a proponent of lap band revision surgery, a secondary bariatric procedure that carefully removes the adjustable gastric band (lap band) device and then the doctor skillfully alters the stomach by removing 85% of it.

However, it’s not just the removal of a large section of the stomach that causes weight loss. In fact, Dr. Feiz is a fan of gastric sleeve surgery because of the fact that is changes the way the stomach communicates with the brain. The way this happens is the fact that the stomach emits a hormone when an individual is hungry — this hormone is called ghrelin. Ghrelin corresponds with the hormone leptin, a hormone that is emitted when the stomach sends signals to the brain that it’s full. The problem is, the leptin hormone is slightly delayed, meaning a person will feel fuller after they stop eating, up to 20 minutes after putting their fork down. Dr. Feiz understands this unique phenomenon, and how altering the digestive system can make you lose weight more effectively.

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