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Improving on Nature

Nature gives us so much beauty and wonder – including the miracle of the human body – it’s sometimes hard to imagine actually improving on it. However, when it comes to weight loss, Mother Nature really can use a little assistance. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., has helped to correct more than one of nature’s oversights through bariatric medicine. Every time he performs a gastric sleeve or lap band, Los Angeles and Southern California patients find that significant and permanent weight loss, which may have once seemed all but impossible, is now readily achievable.

The problem faced by a severely obese person trying to lose weight is that the human body was essentially designed for scarcity. When a famine strikes, the more voracious eater is likely to survive longer than someone who eats less; the only problem is that your body tends to interpret a weight loss as the first sign of an oncoming food shortage. It’s exactly the wrong message for someone trying to lose weight in our current era of cheap junk food and it’s so powerful, most of us simply can’t ignore it.

Dr. Feiz is widely renowned board certified weight loss surgeon who has improved on Mother Nature with countless patients. Widely known as the doctor for a lap band or sleeve gastrectomy Lancaster, Valencia, Encino, Beverly Hills, and all of Southern California turns to, the doctor specializes in performing procedures that greatly reduce the flood of powerful hunger signals. The result is that patients are finally able to make the kind of permanent changes in their eating habits necessary to effect long-term, permanent weight loss.

It takes someone with a great deal of ability and knowledge to improve on nature, and Dr. Feiz is easily one of the most respected laparoscopic surgeons working anywhere. He is able to perform the often highly delicate maneuvers involved in bariatric medicine, including sensitive procedures that convert band to sleeve with the greatest ease. If you are ready to start on a new happier and healthier life, your first move should be to contact Dr. Feiz and Associates about a free seminar.

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